Professional or trade parking permits

Medical or health worker

Annual permits cost £60 and entitle the holder to a two hour exemption from charges. Permits must be used with the time clock supplied.

These permits are intended for doctors, midwives, health workers and district nurses making visits to patients who live within the chargeable area. They are not intended for health professionals to use for parking at or near their place of work or to go shopping.

Misuse of permits could lead to them being cancelled. Parking attendants may ask to see proof of address of the patient, but will not ask for any private or confidential medical information connected to them.


Contractors working on properties in the charging zone should usually either pay and display or park in nearby car parks. These permits are not for general use by businesses or commuters within the zone.

Permits are available for contractors that need to park outside properties for longer than the two hour maximum for specific jobs. An application will only be approved if there is no other reasonable option available and the applicant can demonstrate that their vehicle needs to be close by and provide evidence that they are working at a property.

Trade permit charges

  • one day: £15
  • two days: £20
  • three days: £25
  • four days: £30
  • five days: £35
  • six days: £40
  • seven days: £45