Permit conditions

Conditions for all permits

  • permits do not guarantee a space
  • permits are only valid as described . See your permit for more information
  • permits must be displayed on the windscreen with the entire permit visible from outside the vehicle. Failure to display a permit may result in an excess charge being issued. Each permit will be sent with one permit holder, extra permit holders can be bought for £1 each
  • permits remain our property. Any misuse of a permit will result in it being withdrawn immediately and an excess charge being issued. It is illegal to copy or alter a parking permit
  • parking attendants may ask to see a permit
  • resident’s permits are only valid for a specific vehicle
  • trader’s permits may be allocated to either specific vehicles or specific businesses
  • medical permits can be allocated to specific vehicles, surgeries or practices
  • blue badge holders can park without charge and without a time limit while displaying a valid blue badge (time clocks don’t need to be used) which must be presented for inspection if requested.
  • we are not liable for any loss or damage caused to people or vehicles while using our parking bays
  • unauthorised vehicles must not park in a suspended bay or off-street car park
  • all vehicles should be parked within the marked parking bay(s)
  • the permit cannot be used to park a caravan or trailer whether attached to or disconnected from the permitted vehicle
  • it is the responsibility of the permit holder to apply for a new permit at least two weeks before the old one expires
  • parking permits will not be issued if there are outstanding unpaid excess charge(s) against the vehicle, driver or keeper
  • the permit does not allow parking in disabled bays, loading bays, bus stops or restricted parking areas
  • registration numbers or details on the permit can be changed for a £10 admin fee and proof of vehicle keeper being presented.

Additional conditions for residential permit

  • only those residential households within the charging area are eligible to apply for permits
  • residential permits are limited to two per household
  • at least one proof of residency must be provided together with vehicle details (V5 vehicle keeper document) and driver’s licence
  • permits will normally be allocated to a vehicle registration number unless otherwise agreed
  • registration numbers can be changed for a £10 administration fee and proof of vehicle keeper being presented
  • visitors are expected to pay and display and be subject to the parking restrictions or park outside the charged area during the hours of operation
  • residential permits are for residents only
  • permits do not guarantee a space
  • refunds will be given based on whole months remaining on the permit at the date surrendered, minus a £7 administration fee
  • when Locking Road car park is closed, for example during events, permit C holders will be allowed to park in Hampton and Madeira car parks
  • if you change your vehicle or move to a different address inside the parking zone area you must complete a new application form, if you move to an address outside of the parking zone the permit(s) must be returned to us.

Additional conditions for medical permits

  • medical permits can be allocated to specific vehicles or surgeries or practices
  • permits do not guarantee a space. Time clocks supplied with permits must be set accurately on arrival
  • health worker permits allow parking in any vacant pay and display bay for a maximum of two hours with no return to the same street for two hours
  • failure to display the correct permit and time clock could result in a parking fine notice being issued.

Additional conditions for trade permits

  • trades permits may be allocated to either specific vehicles or specific businesses
  • permits do not guarantee a space and spaces cannot be reserved.