Help renting out a property

If you have a property in North Somerset that you’d like to rent out, we can give you help and support and help you find tenants.

Our free service

We offer a completely free service to help find you a suitable tenant for your property.

As well as finding you a tenant, we can also offer you:

  • tenancy inspections carried out for up to 12 months of the tenancy
  • a free health and safety check to ensure your property complies with rental regulations
  • a free inventory – this is a detailed checklist of the contents and condition of your property before you let it out
  • a free tenancy agreement and help with the sign-up – this is the legal document that shows both yours and the tenant’s responsibilities
  • if the council has provided a valid bond agreement, we will carry out all exit inspections
  • financial bonds to cover any potential damage or rent arrears (if required)
  • a fast-track service for any housing benefit claims or discretionary housing payments
  • free advice on tenancy issues and good lettings practice
  • a dedicated lettings officer to offer support for both the tenant and the landlord for the duration of the tenancy

“I can’t recommend the new lettings team highly enough. As both a landlord and the director of the national landlords’ code of excellence, I have had many years dealing with the housing team at North Somerset Council.

The enthusiasm, dedication and attitude of the lettings team is very different to that in the past. They have filled two vacancies for me recently, great tenants, all paperwork done for me and full payment from day one.” – Samantha Jackson, landlord

What happens next

The first thing we’ll need to talk to you about is whether the scheme is right for you. We’ll also talk to you about the property that you’ve got to let and the type of tenant that you’d like to find.

Then we’ll arrange to visit the property to check your safety certificates, look at the general condition of your property and talk to you about your responsibilities as a landlord.

Next, we’ll introduce you to a potential tenant and then, if you’re happy, we’ll carry out a health and safety check on the property. When the property has passed the check, we’ll arrange for the tenant to sign up to a tenancy agreement with you. We can also help the tenant complete a fast-tracked housing benefit application if it’s needed.

We’ll give you your inventory, information about the tenancy and a copy of the tenancy agreement. If required, we’ll also give you full written details of the agreed bond.

You’ll receive ongoing support and advice for maintaining the tenancy.

Tenancy length

The tenancy can start off as a fixed term tenancy for six or 12 months. After the fixed term you’ll have the right to end the tenancy or, if you and the tenant are happy, for the tenancy to continue. The tenancy will become a statutory periodic shorthold tenancy, which means the notice required to end the tenancy, will be one month from the tenant or two months from yourself.

If you’re interested in our lettings service, contact our lettings team.