Yatton Neighbourhood Plan

The Yatton Neighbourhood Plan was made at Council on 23 July 2019 following a successful referendum result on 11 April 2019 with a 92% vote in favour of the plan.

We have published the result of the referendum on our public and legal notices page. 


The Yatton Neighbourhood Plan was submitted for examination in October 2017. Mr Jeremy Edge submitted his Examiners report on Friday 18 January 2019. North Somerset Council considered and accepted the recommended modifications at Executive on 5 February 2019.

The referendum documents are below.

Examination documents

The examination documents are set out below. This includes a revised Basic Condition Statement and Consultation Statement. This is due to Mr Edge highlighting that both the originally submitted SCI and BCS omit to clarify a number of points which are necessary in order to meet their legislative requirements.

A second period of Submission (Regulation 16) consultation undertaken for a further six week period ending on 19 November 2018.