Variation of condition

The Government has put temporary measures in place to extend construction working hours.

See the guidance for extending construction hours.

When planning permission is granted, the decision notice may include conditions which must be met. If you think a condition on your application needs removal or amendment, you can apply to us to request this. 

How to apply

You can apply to change or remove conditions through the Planning Portal website. For further information on how to discharge, or meet the requirements for a condition, please see our pages on discharge of condition below. 

What to include

Please include a written statement to show why you want to vary or remove the condition. When sending us your application it is important that you make this clear in the description. 

For example:

“Variation of condition 3 of planning permission 10/P/1234/F (erection of retail unit off St Marks Road) to allow the retail unit to open until 11pm Monday to Friday instead of 10pm”.

Timeline and fees

A fee will apply to remove or change a planning condition. Please see our planning fees page for further information. 

We will decide your application within eight weeks. In deciding the application we will only consider the conditions.

If approved, we will issue a new decision notice and may decide to add, remove, or change other conditions as well as the changes requested.

More information

We recommend the following guidance on amending or removing planning conditions: