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Public space protection orders

Children's play areas and skate parks

All of the children’s play areas and skateparks in North Somerset are subject to a public space protection order.

This order requires that you must not:

  • smoke within a play area or skatepark
  • allow a dog in a play area or skatepark
  • light a fire or BBQ in a play area or skatepark
  • consume alcohol in a play area or skatepark

Anyone who fails to comply, without reasonable excuse, is in breach unless specific exemptions apply. 

Young people and enforcement

Unfortunately, young people can sometimes become involved in anti-social behaviour or commit environmental crime offences. This includes crimes that breach the terms of our PSPOs.

Legally anyone over the age of 10 years is responsible for their actions in regard to criminal activity.

We have a juvenile enforcement procedure which sets out how we will deal with persons under the age of 18 found breaching our PSPOs.

A combined approach will be taken with the Youth Offending Team and could include:

  • acceptable behaviour contracts
  • warning letters to the young person and/or parent or guardian
  • fixed penalty notice to the young person and/or parent or guardian
  • litter picking under the Restorative Justice scheme
  • prosecution (usually regarded as a  last resort measure after other interventions have failed).