About public space protection orders

In response to concerns from residents and businesses, our Executive agreed to introduce a number of new and amended Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) at its meeting on Wednesday 27 April).

They are due to come into force at the beginning of June. 

View the Executive meeting papers and press release.

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are intended to deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a specific area that is detrimental to the local community’s quality of life.

They work by imposing conditions on the use of that area which apply to everyone. They are intended to make sure that everyone can use and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti-social behaviour.

A PSPO can set out blanket restrictions and/or requirements or can be targeted against certain behaviours by certain groups at certain times.  

To view the area covered by a PSPO in the map, please make sure you select all the filter options to the left of the menu. 

If you are on mobile, these options will be under an icon at the bottom of your screen. 

Once all the options are checked, the areas will be highlighted on the map. You can then zoom to the desired location. 

PSPO enforcement

PSPO's are enforced by the following groups of people:

  • council officers
  • council designated organisations, like Local Authority Support
  • police officers
  • police community support officers

Penalty for breaching a PSPO

Breach of a PSPO is a criminal offence.

We can issue a £75 fixed penalty to anyone who we believe has breached a PSPO. All fixed penalties must be paid within 14 days.

Payment of the fixed penalty will remove any liability to conviction for the offence. If the fine is not paid, we can prosecute you. This can lead to a maximum fine of £1,000 and costs.

View our anti-social behaviour fixed penalty notices page for more information and how to pay.

PSPOs in North Somerset

We have created our orders following consultation with the police, police and crime commissioner, and other organisations or groups with an interest in our public spaces.

We have set out a number of requirements and/or restrictions for our public spaces which target antisocial activities.

These address issues that have an impact on residents and visitors and are detrimental to their quality of life.

It includes things like:

  • dog fouling
  • littering
  • street drinking
  • dog on leads in certain areas
  • dog exclusion zones

Our orders will be reviewed every three years to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose.

Report a breach

If the incident is related to anti-social behaviour and is occurring now, such as street drinking or anti-social driving, call:

  • 101 (the police) for non-urgent reports
  • 999 in an emergency

For other PSPO breaches such as littering or dog control orders, contact our team directly. 

Contact us

PSPOs are jointly managed between the council’s Community Safety,  Environmental Protection and Waste Management teams.

To talk to us about a PSPO or to report a breach, you can contact us through email or post. 

Safer Communities, Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ