Area specific orders

In addition to the area wide PSPO, there are also orders for specific locations across North Somerset which set out certain requirements and/or restrictions.

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the areas where restrictions apply by checking our interactive map.

Abbots Leigh Pool

An order is now in place restricting the following:

  • no swimming, bathing, wading or jumping into the water
  • this includes the use of boats, dinghy’s, canoes, sailboards, inflatables in or on the water

This PSPO has been put in place due to an increase in anti-social behaviour at the location, which forced the council to close the site over the Summer in 2020.

Weston-super-Mare Museum

To ensure Weston-super-Mare Museum is safe and welcoming, the Museum is subject to a Public Space Protection Order. This order strengthens any existing control measures such as banning and barring. 

Weston town centre and Princess Royal Square

Weston-super-Mare town centre and Princess Royal Square both have their own specific public space protection orders in place.

  • Weston town centre – no charitable collections or selling of magazines unless permitted
  • Princess Royal Square – no skateboarding, scootering, inline skating or rollerblading