Litter and dog bins

Dog bins

We are responsible for some of the dog bins in North Somerset – mainly the bins in towns. Town and parish councils are responsible for almost all of the other bins. You can usually tell who is responsible for the bin by the logo on the front of it.

Contact the relevant town or parish council if there is an issue with one of their dog bins.

Alliance Homes are responsible for some dog bins. If you need to report an issue with a dog bin owned by Alliance Homes, get in touch with them.

Town and parish councils are responsible for installing new dog bins.

You can report an issue with one of our dog bins to us online. You’ll be able to select the dog bin on a map.

The map will only show dog bins owned by us so you won't be able to report issues with bins owned by Alliance Homes or town and parish councils.

Litter bins

Most of our litter bins are emptied at least once a week depending on how much they are used. If bins fill up quicker than usual, let us know, and if possible, we’ll empty them.

Do not use litter bins for residential or commercial waste. We will consider removing a bin if it is misused.