Food businesses

You need to register if you run a food business that stores, prepares, distributes or sells food from a premises, including:

  • cafés
  • canteens
  • caterers
  • child care providers
  • food delivery vans
  • hotels
  • individuals who are caterers
  • market stalls
  • mobile catering vans
  • restaurants
  • shops

How to register

‘Food’ includes drink, so if you produce, sell, make or present anything intended for human consumption on a regular basis, the business must be registered with us at least 28 days before you start trading.

If you are moving from a different area, relocating or opening a second business within North Somerset, the business details must be registered. We also recommended you check whether planning permission is required for your type of business at the new address. Registering a food business does not override any planning restrictions or constraints.

If you intend to operate on land you do not own, you may be required to obtain a Street Trading Licence. Registering a food business does not mean any other licences or permissions have been granted. You must also obtain any relevant planning permission before starting business.  

There is no cost to register a food business.


Childminders based in North Somerset where meals and snacks are provided as a regular part of their service are viewed as food businesses and will need to be inspected by the Food Safety Team. 

Childminders registered with Ofsted after January 2014 are automatically referred to us for food business registration. Childminders that only provide mains drinking water, the occasional birthday cake or look after packed lunches provided by parents will generally not be considered food premises.

After you have registered

Once you have submitted your registration you will receive email confirmation and an officer from the Food and Safety team will contact you within 28 days.

Please make sure you answer the questions about whether you intend to supply meat or dairy products to other businesses.

If you are unable to gain access to the weblink please telephone 01934 888 888 for further guidance.

Your data

Any details collected are retained by us and subject to the GDPR regulations on data protection. The name of the business, address and type of business is public information, except private or personal information, which along with the other information provided, is not available to the public.

Before submitting the details, you are required to confirm that they are correct and accurate. The email will confirm the details submitted.

The registration does not expire but you must notify us of any changes to the registered details, such as the name, owner or address but not a change of manager.


If you have a complaint about a food business or their food, first complain to the food business operator. If you are not satisfied with their response, contact

Food Safety Team

Castlewood, Tickenham Road, Clevedon, BS23 6FW