Check if you need permission

We can tell you if you need planning permission or not. We charge £80 for this service.

To give this advice, please provide us with enough information as possible to understand your proposal. 

We recommend you:

  • include photographs and sketches
  • show any measurements in metric
  • avoid sending personal or sensitive information
  • avoid sending third party information without consent
  • do not include offensive statements that could become subject to prosecution

Terms and conditions

  • we aim to reply within 15 working days – if we can’t we will let you know a date we will reply
  • advice given is based on the information you give – if we don’t have enough information we will let you know
  • we will encourage early involvement with local councillors
  • a proposal without pre-application advice can be refused, without negotiation, when it doesn’t meet our policies
  • advice given is our informal opinion on the date sent
  • act upon the advice we give within six months – changes to planning policy, interpretation of policy, or any other relevant issues can result in advice becoming out of date
  • when unable to act quickly on advice, contact us to ask if advice is still valid – fees may apply