Employment led statement

An employment led statement will show how a proposal meets the employment led policies as outlined in the council's Core Strategy. An application that does not meet our policies will be refused.

Commitments set out in the statement will be included as part of any planning conditions and section 106 planning obligations.

All employment-led statements should make reference to and use of the below Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and any other relevant policies within the Development Plan.

Statement requirements

In order to meet our employment policy, your statement must show that you are meeting the following needs: 

Weston-super-Mare and Weston Villages

Within this area, an employment-led statement is required for the following areas, as set out below

  • residential development proposals of 10 or more dwellings within the ‘Junction 21 Enterprise Area including the Weston Villages’
  • sites of 50 or more dwellings within the ‘Remainder of Weston-super-Mare’

It will need to show:

  • Delivery of 1.5 jobs per home over the plan period, at Weston Villages and elsewhere for sites of 10 or more homes.
  • The type of employment should be acceptable in planning terms and not damaging to the overall employment strategy for the town.

Outside of the Weston Villages and assigned sites, if on-site provision is not suitable, we will ask for financial contribution for economic development using planning obligations.

Forms and related documents

More information

For further information on employment led statements, please see the following guidelines: