Hedges and shrub beds

Parks and open spaces

We are responsible for a vast network of hedges within our parks and open spaces. Most of these are left to grow naturally with ad hoc management while some are cut once during the winter.

We maintain some shrub beds yearly, but most will receive ad hoc management.

Overhanging vegetation into private property

We don’t cut back vegetation from the property side. You have a common law right to cut back vegetation which overhangs your boundary but only as far as the boundary line. You cannot cut or remove vegetation from our land. There are exceptions for trees.

You must dispose of the cuttings responsibly. Dumping green waste on our land is fly tipping and will be investigated.

If the vegetation is causing damage to property or is blocking access to a footpath, please contact us and we will investigate.

Maintaining or replacing private fence lines

If you need to maintain or replace fencing on your boundary, where possible we will work with you to create a one metre service strip between your boundary and the vegetation. We can only do this during the winter because of limited resourcing and restrictions under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Most hedgerow vegetation, including brambles, are important nesting sites and it is an offence to disturb nesting birds.