Abandoned vehicles

Before making a report

Abandoned vehicles are often confused with nuisance vehicles which might be poorly parked, causing an obstruction, broken down, untaxed or involved in residential parking disputes. An abandoned vehicle is one that appears to have been given up on, with no apparent owner.

As a council we only have powers to deal with abandoned vehicles, so if a vehicle is untaxed but not abandoned then we won’t be able to remove it. Instead, untaxed vehicles should be reported online to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Similarly, we can’t remove a vehicle involved in parking disputes, MOT or insurance issues. These should be reported to Avon and Somerset Police online or by calling 101.

Reporting abandoned vehicles

Getting your vehicle back

If you think we have removed your vehicle, you will need to contact us and provide your V5 log book or proof of ownership, and your driving licence. You’ll also need to show us either a valid passport, birth certificate, rent book or recent bill as additional proof of identification.

You’ll be charged a daily storage fee, payable in cash or by credit or debit card.