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Protected trees

Carrying out work to protected trees

You will need to apply to us for permission if you want to prune or fell a tree protected by a tree preservation order (TPO).

If you want to fell or prune a tree that meets the following requirements, you must give us six weeks notice before your proposed plans:

  • is in a conservation area
  • is not protected by a TPO
  • has a trunk diameter of more than 75mm (measured at chest height).

Please note that shrubs and bushes are not protected.

Visit our Planning Portal website – you can use the same form for both the application and to give notice.

Works to protected trees should not have an adverse effect on the tree's health, sustained growth, structural integrity, or visual aesthetics. We are likely to refuse proposals that include:

  • topping or excessive reduction in height
  • whole crown reduction
  • excessive crown lift that would result in a top heavy tree

We are likely to grant consent to work which has little effect on the sustained growth, structural integrity, and visual aesthetics of the tree, such as:

  • partial crown reduction away from a building
  • crown lift to increase the clearance between ground level and the lowest part of the crown, in a way which does not affect the structural integrity

Planning application search - use to check if planning consent has been given using the street name or postcode