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How to apply

Once you have found a job you would like to apply for you will need to fill in our online application form.

You will need to choose between registering for an account, where you create a password so you can save your form and use it again for future applications, or applying as a guest.

For most jobs we now accept CVs so you will be asked to attach yours as well as fill in some personal and monitoring information alongside your supporting statement.

We use the information you include here to create our shortlist of people we will ask to come in to interview. Make sure you complete all sections as incomplete forms will mean you are not shortlisted, and we can only take into account the information you give us in your application, so cover all the points.

Person specification

In order to get to the next stage you will need to show us how you meet all the criteria outlined in the person specification of the job description for the role you are applying for. This will be included on the page with the job advert.

We will look closely at your supporting statement to see if you have shown us how you meet each point, so clearly show how your experience and knowledge matches what we are looking for. Give examples to support what you are saying. Remember, this does not have to be just from your paid employment, if could be from volunteering or work experience.

If you need any of the job information in another format, including the application form, or you need help to fill in your form contact our recruitment team at or call 01275 888 866.