Children's centres

Our Family Wellbeing team are currently planning our face-to-face activities on a phased return to our children centres.

We will be providing a reduced offer, with much smaller numbers in order to ensure safety measures are in place.

These activities will be advertised in the What’s On section on each of our children's centre websites. We continue to offer our virtual activities. 

For more information, see the North Somerset Online Directory.

Midwifery services are working as usual from Yatton (Rowan Tree hub) and Ashcombe (Maple Tree Hub) but not Locking Castle and Locking Children’s Centre site. Please contact your midwife using the telephone number on the front of your yellow book if needed.

If you need to contact a children's centre, please ring one of numbers provided and a member of our team will be able to help

  • Portishead Children’s Centre – 01275 884 001
  • Clevedon Children’s Centre – 01934 426 440
  • Worle Children’s Centre and Library – 01934 426 618
  • Ashcombe Children’s Centre – 01934 426 380
  • Oldmixon Family Centre – 01934 426 881

Children’s centres provide services for families with children under five including:

  • child and family health services, ranging from health visitor services to breastfeeding support
  • parent and toddler groups
  • family support, including outreach and home visiting
  • information on childcare and early learning and local support groups and help to promote the Early Years Pupil Premium
  • classes for parents, drop-in sessions, healthy eating advice
  • speech and language services
  • help for you to find work or training opportunities

Find details of what each centre offers using the links below. 

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