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Register office and ceremony rooms

The register office and ceremony rooms are at the Town Hall in Weston-super-Mare.

Register office

The register office is available for marriage or civil partnership ceremonies, with a maximum of two witnesses.

Register office ceremonies are a basic service, including the prescribed declaratory and contracting words, and a dedication of rings where required.

We are not able to play music for these ceremonies, and we can only offer a brief opportunity for photographs. You are welcome to use our courtyard for photographs after the ceremony.

Ceremony rooms

For couples wishing to invite guests in addition to their two witnesses, there are two ceremony rooms available:

  • the Hutton Suite, seating up to 40 people
  • the Old Council Chamber, seating up to 60 people

If you get married in our ceremony rooms, you can choose music to be played when you make your entrance, take videos and photographs within the rooms, and also use the courtyard for photographs after the ceremony.

How to book

Ceremonies can be booked on any day Monday to Saturday, except the register office, which can only be booked Monday to Friday.

Telephone to book an appointment at either office or email us with your enquiry.

Main office

Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ

Open Monday to Friday

  • 9am–12.30pm
  • 2-4pm

Part-time office

Castlewood, Tickenham Road, Clevedon, BS21 6FW

Open Monday to Thursday

  • 9am-2pm


  • 9am-12.30pm
An overview of an oak panelled room, with wooden pews left and right, and pink office chairs lined up on the other side.
Old Council Chamber
A close up detail of the bronze wall sconce set against a wooden panelled wall.
Old Council Chamber
A detailed shot of white flowers set against a backdrop of pink chairs lined up in a panelled room
Old Council Chamber
Pink chairs lined up in a white walled room with pictures and flowers.
Hutton Suite
Side view of pink chairs lined up in a white walled room, with pictures, flowers and a chandelier
Hutton Suite
A back view of pink chairs lined up in a white walled room.
Hutton Suite