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Our recycling centres

Weston-super-Mare recycling centre

Opening times and address

Portishead recycling centre

Opening times and address

Backwell recycling centre

Opening times and address

Our recycling centres during the coronavirus pandemic

You should only take your waste to a recycling centre if you cannot store it safely at home.

  • only one visit per month - automatic number plate recognition is in operation
  • trailers will now be able to access the recycling centres for the last hour of opening each day (Monday-Saturday). Trailers will not be allowed at any other time.
  • only visit on your allocated days, based on the last number of your vehicle's number plate

You should not visit the recycling centres if:

  • you are in the extremely vulnerable category and are ‘shielding’
  • you have coronavirus symptoms
  • your household is self-isolating

Do not bring waste from your household until at least 72 hours (3 days) after symptoms have passed.

Waste from anyone who has had – or has suspected – coronavirus should be double-bagged and tied securely.

Before visiting our recycling centres

Before visiting our recycling centres there are a few things you should do:

  • check when the centre is open
  • sort your items when you pack your car up to save time when you get to the centre
  • use a mapping app with the live traffic layer turned on so that you can see how busy the roads are near the centre

There are no restrictions on the items you can bring but you should only pack items which you can lift into the skips on your own. Only one person is allowed to leave each vehicle and our recycling centre staff can’t help you unload.

Exceptions will be made for people with mobility issues where two people can unload from the same vehicle.

Think about what you are bringing:

  • could your item(s) be recycled or safely stored at home?
  • could you hold on to the item(s) for now and give them to a charity shop when they reopen?

Trailers won’t be allowed to enter the recycling centres.

Keeping queues to a minimum at Weston-super-Mare recycling centre

We are trying to keep queues down by asking you to attend on different days depending on the number plates on your vehicle.

If the last number on your number plate is an odd number (such as AB59 CDE) you can visit Weston’s recycling centre on a Monday, Thursday or Saturday.

If the last number on your number plate is an even number (such as FG62 HIJ) you can visit on a Wednesday, Friday or Sunday.

All number plates will be accepted at the centre on Tuesdays (Portishead closed).

When you arrive at the centre

When you arrive at one of our recycling centres you should:

  • expect longer waiting times than normal
  • read all the signs to help you use the site safely
  • be patient and respectful to staff on site and follow their instructions – delays are beyond their control
  • not leave your vehicle until it is necessary to get out
  • wear protective gloves to avoid injury and to protect yourself from infection
  • make sure you stick to social distancing – to keep people two metres apart only one person should be at each skip at any time

After your visit

When you get home from the recycling centre you should wash your hands straight away.

We want to make sure everyone who needs to use the centre can do, so please don’t use the centre more than once a month.

You can save yourself a trip to the recycling centre by reducing your household waste

Our recycling centres are provided for North Somerset residents only. We may ask for proof of address when you visit. We use automatic number plate recognition to check how often the centres are used and to prevent unauthorised use.

Our recycling centres are for household waste only. We do not accept any commercial waste. This includes any waste collected for a fee such as house clearances, waste from shops and offices and waste from gardening businesses.

All our sites are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Backwell is closed on all bank holidays.

Our recycling centres opening hours change in the winter/summer months.

Separate your waste before your visit and recycle as much as you can. We carry out spot checks on rubbish bags to check no recyclable material is thrown in with normal rubbish.

Please respect staff at the recycling centres – we don’t tolerate abuse and all sites are monitored by CCTV.