Carbon Literacy

What is Carbon Literacy

Carbon Literacy is an understanding of the causes and impacts of our everyday carbon emissions. This fundamental awareness offers a starting point for making real change in the way we tackle the climate emergency.

The Carbon Literacy Project is based on the key understanding that we need a change in culture as well as technology. This kind of multi-level approach is the best way to drastically reduce our emissions to the levels that science demands.

Carbon Literacy in North Somerset

In February 2019, North Somerset Council became one of the first local authorities to declare a climate emergency. We recognise that immediate and urgent action is the best solution to avoid catastrophic climate change.

In 2020, North Somerset Council set out a new Corporate Plan, putting the Climate Emergency at the heart of everything we do. This plan informs other key strategies and plans, whether council documents or those of our partners.

Climate change is such an all-encompassing issue. It increasingly impacts so much of our lives – from our health, to our jobs, the price of our food, and the  extreme weather it creates. Because of this, we have embedded the actions required to reduce these impacts into everything that we do as a council, and as a community.

Our accreditation

A smiling woman in a green jumper holds up an iPad with text that reads Carbon Literacy Award

North Somerset Council is proud to have accredited as a Carbon Literate Organisation. This accreditation is a visible ‘badge’ that shows we are both

  • committed to Carbon Literacy
  • serious about establishing and maintaining a low carbon culture.

We currently hold a Bronze award. This award means that we have implemented a training programme across the organisation. Our senior management – including Leader of the Council, Don Davies – have received training. In future, we aim to achieve even higher levels of accreditation.

We will continue to demonstrate further commitment through

  • training a significant number of our workforce
  • supporting partner organisations and members of our community to increase their Carbon Literacy.

More information

For more information, see our press release.