Executive members

The Executive carries out functions that are not the responsibility of any other part of the council.

After the Leader has been appointed, they appoint the Deputy Leader. In consultation, they also appoint Executive Members who are allocated certain areas of responsibility, known as a portfolio.

Assistant Executive Members may also be appointed by the Leader in consultation with the Deputy Leader. Their role is to support an Executive Member or Executive Members in carrying out their duties, but they have no decision making powers.

Executive members

Portfolio responsibilities

Cllr Don Davies (Independent) - Leader of the Council

  • External liaison including strategic partnerships
    • Local Enterprise Partnership
    • North Somerset Partnership
    • Joint Executive Committee (WECA and North Somerset Council)
    • Alliance
    • Police
  • strategic policy and Corporate Plan development, forward programme and strategic review
  • strategic communications and marketing (with Deputy Leader and Executive Member engagement)
  • strategic transport
    • transport policy
    • public transport
    • home to school transport
    • bus and rail strategy

Cllr Mike Bell (Liberal Democrat) - Deputy Leader of the Council, Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing

  • adult social care
  • Health and Wellbeing Board
  • public health and regulatory services
  • NHS, health and liaison
  • emergency management
  • housing solutions, private sector housing and unauthorised encampments

Cllr Catherine Gibbons (Labour) - Executive Member for Children’s Services and Lifelong learning

  • children and young people’s services
  • education and skills
  • further and higher education liaison

Cllr Ash Cartman (Liberal Democrat) - Executive Member for Corporate Services

  • finance – revenue, capital programme and income generation
  • procurement
  • legal and democratic services (including electoral and registrar)
  • property and asset management –financial business cases and financing
  • ICT, digital and customer services
  • lead for business support contracts – Agilisys and Liberata
  • human resources, health and safety, equalities and organisational development
  • business insight and performance
  • shareholder representative role for council companies

Cllr Bridget Petty (Green) Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Engagement

  • climate and ecological emergency
  • community engagement and consultation
  • town and parish liaison
  • North Somerset Together
  • voluntary sector liaison

Cllr Mark Canniford (Liberal Democrat) - Executive Member for Placemaking and Economy

  • placemaking and development
    • placemaking strategies
    • culture strategy
    • Weston placemaking delivery
    • Tropicana and Playhouse Theatre
    • strategic events programme
    • visitor economy development
    • development and commercial programme
    • affordable housing delivery
  • planning
    • policy
    • spatial planning
    • building control
  • economy and recovery
    • inward Investment
    • business development and engagement
    • employment
    • high street and town centre renewal
  • parking strategy

Cllr Mike Solomon (Independent) - Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Services

  • libraries
  • community venues
  • safer communities
  • environmental services
    • recycling and waste minimisation
    • waste and street cleansing contracts
    • enforcement strategy
  • highways operations and parking
    • highway network management
    • highway maintenance contract
    • street lighting
    • parking management
  • highway technical services and delivery
    • liveable neighbourhood schemes
    • active travel schemes
    • highway structures
  • open spaces and natural environment
    • sports and leisure centre contracts
    • flood risk management
    • seafronts, parks and lakes operational management
    • crematoria and cemeteries
    • marine environment

Cllr Steve Bridger (Independent) - Executive Member for Assets and Capital Delivery

  • major infrastructure project delivery
    • HIF
    • Metrowest
    • major schemes
  • property technical services and project delivery
    • strategic asset planning
    • corporate estate
    • accommodation strategy project delivery
    • capital projects delivery

Assistant executive members (without decision making powers)

Portfolio responsibilities

Cllr Nicola Holland (Independent) - Assistant Executive Member

  • post Covid education and skills recovery work with Cllr Gibbons

Cllr Robert Payne (Liberal Democrat) - Assistant Executive Member

  • parking strategy working with Cllr Canniford