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9:47am - 3 April 2020

Councillors from across the political spectrum in North Somerset have joined together to praise council staff for all the work they’re doing to keep vital services running.

9:36am - 2 April 2020

North Somerset Council is urging local businesses across the region to get in touch to see what’s available for business and individuals who have been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

2:29pm - 31 March 2020

An increasing number of home care workers in North Somerset are finding visitors at homes when they call on people who are socially-isolating to deliver care to them.

1:06pm - 29 March 2020

North Somerset Council is making an urgent plea for personal protective equipment (PPE) as care workers across the area are having to work without it due to supplies drying up.

6:29pm - 27 March 2020

North Somerset Council is launching a new service to link residents in need to the fantastic support being offered by communities.

6:07pm - 27 March 2020

Essential services are still being provided by North Somerset Council during the coronavirus pandemic.

5:00pm - 27 March 2020

North Somerset Council is offering help to any residents having difficulty paying their Council Tax during the coronavirus crisis.

3:39pm - 27 March 2020

Following recent events and in line with government guidance, it is with great regret that Weston Air Festival, which was set to take place on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June, has been cancelled.

5:47pm - 25 March 2020

Leaders across the West of England have joined together to urge residents to stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect vulnerable people across our region.

1:30pm - 24 March 2020

North Somerset Council has closed play areas, recycling centres and a number of car parks today following last night’s government announcement about the introduction of more stringent social distancing measures.

5:07pm - 23 March 2020

The government has asked leisure businesses and venues across the United Kingdom to close from Saturday 21 March.

4:01pm - 20 March 2020

North Somerset Council is urging anyone with symptoms of coronavirus to follow Government advice when disposing of personal waste.

3:49pm - 20 March 2020

From the end of the school day today, schools and early years childcare settings across North Somerset will be closing to most pupils until further notice, but will continue to provide support for the children of key workers and vulnerable learners.

4:28pm - 19 March 2020

Residents in North Somerset are being warned to be on their guard against coronavirus scams.

12:27pm - 19 March 2020

As a result of coronavirus and the announcement by some of the supermarkets that they will be opening for their first hour just for older people or those with a disability, North Somerset Council is extending the hours when bus passes can be used.