Covid-19 memorial trees planted across North Somerset


Three years on, since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, over 500 trees are being planted in public open spaces across North Somerset as memorial spaces for those who died. The trees will all be planted by the end of this week (Friday 17 March) in seven locations, at Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead, and Weston-super-Mare.

Every tree is a young specimen of a species native to the UK, with varieties including birch, oak, hornbeam, field maple, rowan, hazel, dogwood, crab apple and alder. Each space will have over 70 trees planted and include a sign to signify those who were lost during the pandemic. It's hoped that the spaces may provide contemplative spaces for people to visit and remember those they've lost.

Councillor Mike Bell, North Somerset Council's deputy leader and the executive member for health said: "We felt it was important to do something to act as a lasting tribute to the people we lost during the pandemic. We felt that a living tribute and a series of contemplative spaces would be appropriate.

"There is tremendous power in nature, and we hope that people will find comfort and peace in these spaces. Some people will have lost loved ones, and everyone will have been affected in some way by their experiences during the pandemic. We hope that over the years our communities will get to see the trees mature and become part of the local landscape - a living memory to those we’ve lost.

"The pandemic was an incredibly challenging time for all our communities for many different reasons. As well as those we lost, people were isolated from friends and family, some worked under very difficult conditions, others were unable to work at all. Everyone was touched by it, and we saw the power of community spirit at its best.

"We hope that people will use these spaces to remember, to reflect and to benefit from the restorative power of nature."

The seven locations are:

  • Clevedon - Home Ground
  • Nailsea - Blackthorn Way
  • Portishead - Battery Point
  • Weston-super-Mare - Castle Batch, Plumley Park South, Maltlands and Verbena Way.