Draft plan 2021

We are now preparing the draft North Somerset Local Plan for consultation at the end of 2021. This version of the plan will be a full plan with strategic and detailed polices to guide development proposals. It will replace the current Core Strategy, Development Management Plan, and Site Allocations Plan.

It will set out our overall spatial strategy - where we think growth should be encouraged within North Somerset. It will allocate sites to meet this growth as well as the infrastructure, jobs, and services North Somerset will need.

On 28 April the council’s Executive Committee endorsed a preferred spatial strategy to provide the framework to progress the draft plan.

The full committee report is now available for download.

The spatial strategy as set out in the report is:

Priority will be given to locating new residential and mixed use development in or close to urban areas. These areas will have an existing or proposed wide range of facilities, services and jobs.

There will be opportunities to encourage active travel. This will focus on locations which are currently, or have the potential to be, well served by public transport.

Employment opportunities will be encouraged at accessible locations well related to urban areas. These will also be areas where sustainable transport opportunities can be maximised.

Residential development in areas at risk of flooding will be minimised outside the towns.

The amount of development at villages and in the countryside will relate to local community needs.

Over the next few months we will be preparing the draft plan before publishing the draft for consultation at the end of the year.