Transport assessment

A transport assessment is required to be submitted alongside a planning application,for all major development where there are likely to be significant transport implications and where these meet the below listed thresholds for size.


The transport assessment is a comprehensive look at transport issues for a development showing:

  • the current commercial and residential movements to and from the site
  • the proposed commercial and residential movements to and from the site
  • loading, manoeuvring, servicing and parking areas
  • what measures will be put in place to deal with the anticipated transport impacts
  • how accessibility and safety will be improved for all types of travel
  • improvements to pedestrian, cycling and public transport links

Small schemes should provide a brief statement outlining the transport aspects of an application. Major proposals will need to include everything listed above, as well show

  • access to the site for each type of transport
  • how travel to and from the site will be split
  • how you will improve access (for public transport, walking and cycling) to reduce the need for parking
  • how you will reduce transport impacts

Transport assessment thresholds

For transport assessment thresholds please refer to Appendix A of the Highways Development Design guide.

More information

The transport assessment is based on the following policy and guidelines:

We also recommend the Department for Transport website for further research.