Noise impact assessment

A noise impact assessment is required for all applications for:

  • noise sensitive development (such as residential, hospitals or schools) adjacent to major road/transport infrastructure and other significant sources of noise.  
  • uses of the site that might generate significant amounts of noise, when placed next to existing noise sensitive infrastructure (such as development in use classes B2 and B8, a new music venue next to a residential area, for example)

Examples of when normally required:

  • new residential development sited on or near transport related major noise sources such as rail or air transport
  • new residential development adjacent or close to licensed premises
  • new commercial development within Use Classes B2 or B8 adjacent or close to existing residential development

Not required for householder development.


Your noise assessment must be prepared by a qualified acoustician and will show:

  • the existing noise environment
  • the potential noise sources from a development and what is being done to reduce this
  • the noise sources likely to affect a development and what is being done to reduce this

More information

For additional guidelines, please see the following websites and policy documents: