Lighting assessment

A lighting assessment is required for all applications that include use of floodlighting or a significant amount of external lighting where the development would be:

  • Adjacent to a residential property
  • Adjacent to a listed building
  • Within or adjacent to a conservation area
  • Adjacent to a roost, breeding or resting place of or habitat of importance to a legally protected species (such as bats, badger, barn owl and great crested newt)
  • Within the open countryside
  • Alongside other water courses or habitats.


Your assessment needs to include:

  • a description showing proposed hours of operation, light distribution, light levels and column heights
  • a layout plan of the development showing beam direction
  • details of proposed equipment design
  • details of the expected effect on nearby properties and roads
  • a statement showing measures to reduce the impact of a development

More information

Lighting assessments were based on the following policy guidelines: