Land contamination assessment

A land contamination assessment is required for all applications where there is known, suspected or historical contamination issues with the development land in question. 

Examples may include:

  • conversion or redevelopment of petrol filling stations
  • redevelopment of industrial and manufacturing sites
  • mineral and waste applications
  • applications for sites where previous or proposed alteration to the topography of the land or nearby land, for instance through infilling of the land, may result in the land being contaminated.

On previously developed or other sites, surveys will need to be made to determine whether there are any issues of contamination arising from ground contamination or ground gas.

Where contamination is identified the proposed measures for remediation will need to be identified. Please note remediation efforts related to ground or surface water will need to be approved by the Environment Agency. 

More information

Land contamination assessments are based on the following policy guidelines: