Groundwater protection details

Groundwater protection details are required for developments that meet the following criteria:

  • development within a Groundwater Source Protection Zone which proposes foul drainage that is not connected to a main sewer
  • non-residential development within a Groundwater Source Protection Zone that is likely to result in contaminated surface water, such as livestock buildings, oil storage tanks, general industrial uses (Use Class B2)
  • any development of potentially contaminated land, for example redevelopment of a petrol filling station or a vehicle scrappage facility

Not required for householder development.


You need to demonstrate that protections are in place to prevent non-hazardous or hazardous pollutants from entering the groundwater.  

This can include

  • details of soakaways
  • details of any infrastructure used to prevent contaminants entering the ground
  • sustainable development measures in place to manage or prevent pollution