Local heritage list

We are working in collaboration with Historic England to launch a Local Heritage List for North Somerset as part of the Heritage Action Zone project.

The list will demonstrate what we feel are important heritage assets distinctive to the local area.

What's on the list

The Local Heritage List is a way for local communities to celebrate the unique history that makes an area special. It is a collection of heritage assets that are not protected by law, like Listed Buildings or Scheduled Monuments.

The list can include items not considered to be of national significance, such as:

  • historic buildings
  • archaeological sites
  • parks and gardens

It is a partnership between the local planning authority and local communities. It will contain heritage assets that must be considered when determining planning applications.

Planning applications

Only nationally important heritage assets are currently protected by legislation in planning applications. These assets are given a protection level appropriate to their significance.

These include:

  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Grade I Listed Building
  • Grade II* Listed Building
  • Grade II Listed Building

However, items added to the Local Heritage List are not usually protected under these categories. Adding unprotected assets to the Local Heritage list will ensure that they are included during the planning process.

Please note, this list is not exhaustive of every locally important heritage site. It is a living document that continues to develop as nominations come forward.

Local heritage list handbook

The Local Heritage List Handbook explains what the list is, and also provides instructions on how to nominate a heritage asset to be considered for the list.

Please note - the handbook will be updated regularly to showcase the heritage assets which have successfully been adopted onto the list. 

How to make a nomination for the list

There are two ways you can nominate a heritage asset for the Local Heritage List:

  1. fill out the nomination form in the Local Heritage List handbook and submit this to us via email
  2. submit your nomination online via the Know Your Place website. Details on how to do this can be found on page 7 of the Local Heritage List handbook

Local heritage list nominations

More information

For more information, see Historic England's guidance on local designations.