Disabled parking bays

If you qualify, you could apply to have an advisory disabled parking bay marked outside your property.

If the location of the bay is likely to have an impact on your immediate neighbours we’ll write to advise them. We’ll also consult with your town or parish council.

The markings are only advisory and rely on the goodwill of other road users not to park in the bay. Other disabled drivers are also allowed to park in it.

We’ll only consider installing an advisory disabled parking bay if the existing advisory disabled bays in the street take up less than 25% of the on-street parking.

We understand that there can be a high demand for on-street parking. We also have to consider that disabled residents with mobility issues may struggle to walk short distances to get to or from their car.

You can apply for a disabled parking bay outside your property if:

  • you are registered disabled and hold a disabled parking permit (blue badge)
  • you are the regular driver of a vehicle or dependent on the use of a vehicle
  • you don’t have off-street parking facilities.

Applications must be for an individual and not an organisation.

If your application is successful, there is a charge for the marking the bay. Please see our fees and charges page for more details. 

Terms and conditions

The advisory parking bay will not override current parking enforcement, such as single yellow lines.

Parking bays for disabled people cannot be installed where double yellow lines are present.

The parking bay must be in accordance with the Highway Code.


An objection from a neighbour or town or parish council does not automatically mean that your application will be rejected.

There are some objections which are not considered valid. For example:

  • there is already limited on-street parking facilities in the area and the bay would further reduce on-street parking
  • the on-street parking facilities are regularly available
  • there is already a number of disabled bays on the road
  • the applicant already has off-street parking, which seems sufficient
  • the applicant is not an owner or driver of a vehicle.