If you order a replacement wheeled rubbish bin, we will deliver it as soon as possible. During busy periods it could take up to six weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Most households will have their rubbish collected fortnightly. Each household is allowed one black wheeled rubbish bin or a supply of sacks or bag ties when a wheeled rubbish bin is not practical to use.

Your black bin is for anything that can’t be recycled. You will need to recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste in your bin. Large items which don’t fit in your bin need to be taken to one of our recycling centres.

We won’t collect your wheeled rubbish bin if you can’t close the lid, and we won’t collect any additional bags of waste that have been left by the side of your bins. These need to be taken to a recycling centre.

If your property is given bags or bag ties, you’ll be given enough for a six-month period and a new supply will be delivered to you before you run out. We will only collect from these bins, bags or bags that use our ties. If you use them up before this period, you’ll need to take your waste to a recycling centre.

While recycling is better for the environment than throwing items away, the process still requires energy and resources. It is better to reduce waste where possible and reuse what we can.

Find out more about reducing your waste

Additional waste capacity

If you are regularly struggling to fit your waste in your black bin please check you are recycling everything possible including food waste. You can order additional recycling boxes.

There are two sizes of wheeled rubbish bin. To be eligible for a bigger bin there needs to be at least six people in the property or five people with at least one in nappies.

You will need to complete a form which includes a waste diary and return this as part of the assessment process. You can download the form or call us to request one.