Popular maps

We have a number of maps on our website, the most used are:

  • planning map – shows all applications received (current and decided) and key planning designations
Go to the planning map
  • sites and policies – contains detailed policies that complement our Core Strategy
Go to sites and policies development plan map
  • car park locations – shows where our off-street car parks are
Go to car park locations map
  • public rights of way – shows the public rights of way that we maintain, such as public footpaths and bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic
Go to public rights of way map
  • ward map – shows the council ward boundaries for the area
Go to ward map
  • proposals map – based on our replacement local plan and includes allocations of land for development, areas where specific policies apply, flood zones, conservation areas and wildlife sites
Go to proposals map
  • secondary school priority areas – shows the current catchment areas for secondary schools in the area
go to secondary schools catchment area map
  • winter salting routes – where our gritters salt the roads during winter weather
Go to winter salting routes map