Modern slavery

Modern slavery covers a wide range of abuse and exploitation which includes:

  • sexual exploitation
  • domestic servitude
  • labour exploitation
  • criminal exploitation
  • slavery
  • forced labour
  • organ trafficking

Victims of modern slavery can be any age, gender, nationality or ethnicity. Signs that somebody could be a victim of modern slavery include:

  • behaviour – withdrawn, scared, not willing to talk, doesn’t speak English
  • appearance – unkempt, malnourished, few possessions, health concerns
  • work – inappropriate clothing for job, long hours, little or no pay
  • fear of authorities – doesn’t want to speak to police or other authorities
  • debt bondage – in debt to, or dependant on, someone else
  • accommodation – overcrowded, poorly maintained, blacked-out windows
  • lack of control – no ID, no access to bank account, work transport is provided
  • lack of freedom – unable to move freely, unwilling or scared to leave

If you think someone may be a victim of modern slavery, call the 24-hour modern slavery helpline.

Read our modern slavery transparency statement