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Recycling and waste

We are responsible for managing waste and recycling services in North Somerset.

Collection days

Put your containers out by the edge of your property by 7am on the day of collection. We collect on bank holidays so put your containers out on your normal collection day, the only exception is over the Christmas and New Year period so check your calendar. Find out when your next kerbside collection is.

Collection services

For more information about collection services from the kerbside read our:

For more information about other collection services read our:

For an overview of our services download a guide to your recycling and waste collection services (pdf). For more information about what happens to your recycling visit the Recycle Now website.

Commercial recycling and waste

When you begin to reduce, reuse and recycle at work, your company will start to gain the benefits of a more sustainable and environmentally conscious organisation. For more information commercial waste and recycling FAQs.


We encourage you to compost as much of your waste as possible at home as it has many environmental and cost benefits. For information about how to compost and what materials can be put in your compost bin visit the Recycle Now website. To buy a 220 litre compost bin at a discounted price of £15 contact our Council Connect team - it's not currently possible to order one online. We use different compost bin suppliers and the sizes may vary, but they are between 70-90cm wide and less than 1.5m high.

Disruption to services during severe weather

If disruption to waste and recycling services because of severe weather lasts for more than one day, we ask you to follow some simple steps to help us catch up quicker. For more information read our severe weather disruption FAQs.

Recycling centres

We operate three household waste and recycling centres in North Somerset, plus numerous recycling banks. For more information including site opening times read our recycling centres FAQs.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Waste causes considerable environmental damage and landfill sites are responsible for releasing 25% of the UK methane emissions. Reducing the amount of waste we create, reusing items instead of disposing of them or recycling items to be used again can all help preserve our natural resources and save you money. We're working closely with the North Somerset Reuse Project which sells on donated garden equipment, outdoor equipment, small furnishings and paint for a small fee. For more information read our North Somerset Reuse Project FAQs.

Reporting and requesting services

If your collection is missed, you need to let us know within two working days otherwise we're not able to return to collect it. If your containers are damaged or missing, or you'd like an extra recycling box, you can let us know. Report problems or request services.

Schools recycling service

We help schools with recycling and waste minimisation and can offer a recycling collection service to all schools, academies and children's centres in North Somerset. Find out about schools recycling.

The A-Z of waste and recycling

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do with your old items, and whether they can be recycled in your green box at the kerbside or at a recycling centre. View our a-z of waste and recycling to how you can dispose of your old items.

Don't waste it! campaign

Find out about our Don't waste it! campaign about what we're doing to encourage residents to keep on recycling.

Where your recycling goes

To give added confidence that the household material collected from your recycling boxes is being recycled, we have signed up to a national initiate called the End Destinations of Recycling Charter For more information about where material collected for recycling goes download our end of use materials register (pdf) or visit the Resource Association website to find out more about the scheme.