Licences and permits


How to apply for a licence to operate private hire vehicles or drive a taxi including a list of wheelchair accessible taxis

Food, alcohol, entertainment and gambling

Find information on licences for food businesses, premises and events and how to apply 

Consumer protection

Apply for a licence if you are offering skin piercing services or consumer credit or if you sell or store fireworks or petrol or if you manage a sports ground

Street collections and trading

Where to get a licence for charity collections, street cafés, and street trading and information about Sunday trading restrictions

Housing and accommodation

Find out if you need a licence for a house in multiple occupancy or for siting caravans on your land 

Roads and highways

How to apply for a highways licence if you want to put objects on the highway or if you want to carry out work to highway equipment 

Animals and animal-related activities

Apply for a licence for a zoo or dangerous wild animal or register the movement of farm animals 

Children's licences and permits

Find out about the minimum ages children can work and how to apply for chaperone and performance licences

Other licences and permits

Information about licences for environmental activities, cooling towers, scrap metal, drones, places of worship and wedding venues and using Knightstone slipway

Register of applications received

View a list of current licence applications