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Find out how to separate your recycling, what you can and can't put in your recycling box in North Somerset or order a recycling box.


Recycling centres

Find our where our recycling centres are, when they are open and what you can take to them. Apply for a vehicle permit if you need one.


Recycling and waste

More information on emergency closures of recycling and waste collection services in North Somerset.


Bins and recycling

Details of all our recycling and waste services and our recycling centres.


Our recycling centres

Find out where our recycling centres are, what times they open and the conditions for using them.


Reuse at our recycling centres

North Somerset Council recycling centres have designated areas for certain items that can be reused.


How we deal with our waste and recycling is going to be one of the big issues in the coming years as the climate emergency intensifies.


Recycling and rubbish collections

An overview of North Somerset Council's waste collection service, including collection dates, arranging assisted collections, and how we process waste.


Could you reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas?

Last year, we collected a massive 3,399 tonnes of kerbside recycling over the five-week festive period, about a quarter more than usual.


Recycling and waste strategy

Find out about North Somerset Council's new recycling and waste strategy and how you can have your say in the consultation