What the budget means for Weston town centre

1:43pm - 05 March 2021

In a series of focused press releases we'll be looking at areas where North Somerset Council will be investing in services which will improve outcomes for local people following the setting of the budget at last Tuesday's Full Council meeting.  

As part of the newly announced budget, the council will be supporting:

  • Town centre improvement scheme - introducing a town centre bus hub, improved cycling routes and pedestrianisation. 
  • The Great Lakes Project - looking at Marine Lake, dredging the mud and replacing the sluice gates to allow open water swimming
  • Birneck Pier - continuing with the Compulsory Purchase Order to purchase the pier as part of a back-to-back deal with the RNLI
  • Pier-to-pier cycle route - a recreational route Weston’s Grand Pier to Clevedon Pier, reducing the current journey between the tow piers and offering quiet safer route for cyclists
  • Sovereign Centre -  £1.7m is being invested in the transformation of the Sovereign Centre
  • Heritage Action Zone Shop Front Enhancement scheme – a grant offered to shop owners looking to restore their shop front to its original façade

Cllr Mark Canniford, Executive Member for Business, Economy and Employment at North Somerset Council, said: “Following on from the budget announcement, Weston town centre will see the council renew its commitment in the budget for the year ahead. The budget involves a number of projects which will support the future vitality of the town and assist in its recovery in the post Covid world as we continue to commit to further improvements in the future.”