Trishaw launch celebrated

The launch of a pedal-powered ‘Cycling without Age Trishaw’ is being celebrated this week by North Somerset Council and a Clevedon care home.

The scheme was funded in part by North Somerset Council’s Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme which awarded £3,000 towards its purchase at the end of last year. These grants were funded through a successful bid to the Department for Transport’s Access Fund for Sustainable Travel.

Heather House, Manager of Winash Rest Home which is in Albert Road in Clevedon,  said: “We are very excited for Winash to be the first organisation in North Somerset to have a Cycling without Age Trishaw. Our aim is to use the bike for the residents at Winash and offer it out to the older people who live in Clevedon to increase their emotional well-being and reduce social isolation.

“We also believe it will reduce reliance on cars and their impact on the environment. Our hope is that if this becomes popular that Clevedon could become a hub for more trishaws that will benefit our community.”

North Somerset Council and the care home marked the launch with a ‘Trishaw try-out track’ and free bike servicing for all. The council’s executive members for transport Cllr James Tonkin and climate emergency and environment Cllr Bridget Petty were at the event.

Cllr Tonkin said: “This is a wonderful scheme and we are delighted that our sustainable travel grant funding is going to benefit not only the residents and staff of Winash Care Home but also the wider community of Clevedon”.

Cllr Petty added: “The trishaw is a great example of how greener travel options can really bring people together and enable us to live happier healthier lifestyles. I hope more organisations will follow this example and look at how they can use grant funding to improve their sustainable travel provisions.

“It doesn’t have to be expensive or as bigger scale as this. It could just involve providing cycle parking.”

Mrs W who has already been out on the trishaw said: “It was great to feel the sea breeze on my face as we went along the seafront. Definitely one of the highlights of my year.”

Winash is still fundraising to recoup their match-funding, and to cover insurance/maintenance costs of the trishaw bike and is committed to raising a further £4,000. The residents have been making gifts to sell locally to contribute further funds. If you would like to make a donation yourself, please email

Businesses and community groups looking for support and advice about sustainable travel can contact the council’s sustainable travel team at or by calling 01275 88 281. Details of grant funding available can also be found at