Students snap up new smart cards

Students at a North Somerset school are the latest to try out the new Travelwest smart cards.

Smart cards were launched last year in a joint initiative between North Somerset Council, Travelwest and bus company Crosville.

The council recently teamed up with Worle Community School to roll out the latest smart card technology and encourage students to catch the bus to school. At a lunchtime roadshow, students were able to find out more about the new smart cards and take one home to try.

These students are now enjoying the benefits of using a smart card to pay for their travel. They can top up the card through their online account and scan it as they board the bus, without the need to carry the correct change for their bus fare.

Worle Community School has also worked with the council on the Active Travel to School project since September 2014. Under this project selected schools and colleges in North Somerset have been promoting walking, cycling and public transport to their students.

The council’s Active Travel to School Officer, Aimee-Claire Eyermann, said: “The promotion of smart cards at Worle Community School fits in perfectly with the objectives of the Active Travel to School project. It highlights bus use as a simple and sustainable travel option for students.

“It was brilliant to see the launch of smart cards at the school create such a buzz. It’s a great incentive for both students who already travel on the bus, but also for those who want to try out the bus for the first time.”

Nadina Hughes, Student Projects Officer at Worle Community School, said: “The smart card is a great idea for parents and students to make travel easier.”