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Play areas to re-open

2:38pm - 08 July 2020

Play areas across North Somerset will be open by Saturday (11 July).

North Somerset Council will begin opening its 56 play areas from Thursday with a view to them all being open for the weekend.

Signage detailing how the play areas will operate will also be installed this week.

North Somerset Council has delayed opening its play areas due to the complexity of the guidelines issued by the Government. These include:

  • cleaning equipment frequently
  • providing stewards
  • arranging a booking system
  • relocating equipment for social distancing
  • providing cleaning equipment on site
  • creating entrances and exits – most play areas have only one gate.

The council is unable to provide all these measures so is urging anyone using the play areas to follow these simple rules:

  • use hand sanitiser before and after using the equipment
  • use social distancing with people outside your bubble
  • leave the play area if it is busy
  • be considerate with the length of time on equipment if others are waiting
  • don’t eat or drink in the play areas
  • queue outside the play area observing social distancing.

Cllr Caritas Charles, North Somerset Council’s executive member with responsibility for parks and green spaces, said: “We believe that if people act responsibly then it is safe to open our play areas. We can’t follow the Government guidelines but we can ask people to be considerate and use common sense in order to stay safe.

“Play areas are a valued community facility and if those using them follow our guidelines they can be enjoyed again during these difficult times.

“We would urge anyone using them to consider their personal hygiene at all times and remain socially distanced from other groups.”