North Somerset moves up in national recycling league top ten

1:05pm - 17 December 2021

North Somerset is the best performing council in the south west for recycling according to the latest figures.

Recycling rates published this week (15 December) by Defra, name North Somerset Council as the second best performing English unitary council. This places North Somerset higher in the top ten than before as the seventh best council in the country for recycling rates, up from ninth position in 2019/20.

In 2020/21, 60.4 per cent of household waste generated in North Somerset was recycled, compared to the UK average of 44 per cent.

Councillor Mike Solomon, North Somerset Council’s executive member for neighbourhoods and community services, said: “One of our main priorities is to make North Somerset a greener place to be, so I am delighted to see our recycling rates have jumped even higher up the top ten of all councils in the country.

"We have worked incredibly hard to encourage our residents to recycle as much as they can and I am hugely impressed with how people have responded. Thank you to everyone who plays their part. The time and care that our residents take to sort their recycling correctly is keeping us at the top of the south west. The hard work pays off and is worth it.

"Thanks must also go to our hardworking crews for their efforts in what has been an extremely challenging year for them due to the national aftershocks felt from Covid-19 and the shortage of HGV drivers.

“I look forward to publication of the council’s new waste strategy in the new year. This key document, which has been put together using residents’ feedback from the recent recycling and waste consultation, will set out our plan for the future.”

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