New arts company moves onto Weston High Street

3:33pm - 22 January 2019

A new arts organisation has been handed the keys to a prominent unit on the High Street by North Somerset Council, offering new and creative activities for the town centre.

Terrestrial, a Weston based arts organisation, received the keys to the unit previously occupied by Saltrock and are planning to open the space as a community artist studio. The space will be open to local people to meet, work, run events and develop new skills. As well as providing free creative workspace for Weston’s artists, the space will host a series of events and workshops including:

  • music
  • drama
  • photography
  • guerrilla marketing
  • gaming and coding
  • dancing

The local community spent the weekend decorating the new space in time for its opening this week.

Tom Spencer, Director at Terrestrial, said: “Weston is full of creative people. There are hundreds of current arts students and recent graduates of University Centre Weston along with scores of people who spend their evenings after work writing or painting. There are innovative tattoo artists, musicians, app-designers, you name it… But there’s almost nowhere for these folks to come together. We wanted to find a space for creatives to work, to make a mess, to learn new skills and to collaborate. We’ll be working with the council and the Sovereign Centre to organise events in the town centre that bring people together, support local businesses and enliven the area.”

Councillor Elfan Ap Rees, Deputy Leader of North Somerset Council said: “Offering temporary use of this otherwise vacant retail unit to Terrestrial and repurposing it for public use will offer a tremendous benefit to the local community. As customer behaviour is starting to change, shoppers are looking more towards a visitor experience than purely a retail one. Terrestrial will join a growing variety of town centre activities, along with our mix of chain and independent shops on and around the High Street.”

Although the unit is on the High Street, it forms part of the Sovereign Centre, purchased by North Somerset Council in 2018. The council expects to generate £1m a year from the site, which will be put back into vital local services.

The Sovereign Centre is part of the Weston Town Centre Regeneration Programme which is delivering improvements to key sites within the town and encouraging inward investment.

To find out more about Terrestrial’s work in Weston-super-Mare, visit: