Marine Lake to be drained

Clevedon Marine Lake will be emptied on Sunday (9 October) to enable some essential maintenance tasks to be carried out.

The sluices will be opened to start draining the lake at 5pm on Sunday and the lake will not refill until Friday (14th) or Saturday (15th) depending on the tide and the weather.

While it is empty Marlens volunteers and North Somerset Council contractors will clear any algae, silt and debris from the lake.

The project contractors, Dyer and Butler, will also return to the site to address a few outstanding issues.

People are being warned to stay out of the lake during this period.

“While the lake drains and refills it is dangerous, so please stay out of the lake after 5pm on Sunday,” said Marine Lake Ranger Jo Tasker. “It will not be safe to enter until it is completely full of water again.

“The site will remain open, so please also be aware of exposed edges and drops when the lake is empty.”