Health leaders use international campaign to highlight importance of vaccinations

4:46pm - 22 April 2021

North Somerset Council is supporting World Immunisation Week to highlight the important role vaccines play in preventing disease and keeping its residents healthy and well.

The annual campaign, which is run by the World Health Organisation, runs from 24-30 April and this year focuses on how vaccines can help bring people closer.

Many have had to sacrifice seeing loved ones to keep their community safe during the last year of Covid-19. Vaccines, along with other measures such as face coverings and social distancing, now offer a path back to normal.

Protecting people with safe and effective vaccines will help end the pandemic and bring people back together.

As well as helping to bring an end to the current coronavirus pandemic, vaccines are used throughout life to protect people of all ages against disease. Vaccination saves millions of lives each year and is one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective health interventions.

The UK is a world leader in childhood vaccination with one of the most comprehensive programmes in the world. The vaccines available through the NHS help to protect adults and children against many serious and deadly diseases.

North Somerset Council’s executive member for health, Cllr Mike Bell, said: “Vaccinations have become an important part of our lives this year in our fight against Covid-19.

“But they have a bigger part to play in the health of our society beyond the pandemic. Vaccines have helped us eradicate some deadly diseases and reduced others to very small numbers.”

Director of Public Health, Matt Lenny, added: “Taking up the offer of vaccination for any illness not only helps to protect you, it also helps to protect those around you, to keep those you love and care for safe.

“I’d like to thank all those who are involved in vaccination for playing their part in keeping our communities healthy.”

While it is important that vaccines are given on time to give the best protection, it is never too late to catch up on missed vaccines. Anyone who is eligible for vaccination but has missed the chance when offered, can contact their GP to find out more information and to discuss options for future vaccination.

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