Have your say on travel improvements in Yatton

12:08pm - 16 April 2021

People are being invited to have their say on plans to improve sustainable travel links in Yatton.

North Somerset Council is inviting feedback from residents, businesses and other interested parties as part of a public consultation on a series of improvements to the transport network through Yatton.

The proposals aim to improve the safety and perception of safety for people walking, cycling and using other forms of active travel between North End and Yatton village centre, including trips to and from the Yatton schools.

The proposals have been developed by North Somerset Council in conjunction with local councillors and are funded by Section 106 contributions from the housing developments at North End Yatton. 

The proposed changes include:

•    Introducing a 20mph speed limit to improve road safety

•    Widening footways at some of the narrow pinch points along the High Street

•    Improving crossing points for pedestrians

•    Providing a new access into Yatton Primary School through the Co-op Car Park (subject to agreement with landowners)

•    Other minor alterations to signage, road gullies and bus stops to facilitate the works.

These improvements are designed to ensure the new developments at North End Yatton contribute to making the village a safe, active and attractive place to live, work, study, create, do business and spend leisure time. 

Cllr Don Davies, The Leader of North Somerset Council said: "The past year has shown us the importance of good underlying physical and mental health and by making the village a safe, active and attractive place we hope to increase the proportion of journeys made by sustainable lower-carbon trips (such as walking, cycling and scooting) within Yatton, particularly from new developments at North End.

"The Climate Emergency has also shown us that we all need to make changes to our daily choices (including transport choices) to try to cut the amount of carbon we are using. Although we recognise that some trips can’t always be made by walking or cycling, this package of improvements seeks to make some of the shorter trips more attractive by walking and cycling.

"Improving access for pedestrians and cyclists to town and village centres is also proven to help local businesses and economies."

North Somerset Council’s Active Travel Strategy, set to be adopted on Tuesday 20 April 2021, sets out in detail the far-reaching benefits of increasing the attractiveness of active travel such as walking, scooting and cycling.

To have your say on the Yatton improvements visit https://n-somerset.inconsult.uk/connect.ti/yattonhighst/consultationHome before Sunday 9 May 2021. The website includes more information on the proposed changes, the opportunity to see the plans, a questionnaire to help you submit your feedback and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

All of the consultation responses will be reviewed and used to tweak and strengthen the proposals for the improvements in Yatton.