Have your say on Your Neighbourhood

The public’s views are being asked for as North Somerset Council launches a number of consultations on new ambitious strategies for some of its services.

“As we develop our strategies, we want to be positive and ambitious for our services while being clear that we have to work differently to maintain a much-valued level of service enjoyed by people in North Somerset,” said Cllr Caritas Charles, North Somerset Council’s executive member whose portfolio includes community engagement and consultation.

“We are committed to being open and transparent, and to develop our future plans it is crucial that we engage with residents and other stakeholders to inform decisions about the future.

“The ‘Your Neighbourhood’ consultation and engagement brings together a group of consultations about services which you may use regularly. We have chosen to group these consultations together so that we can understand the bigger picture for your neighbourhood as well as showing how each proposal or strategy works on its own.  We need your views to shape what comes next in these services,” added Cllr Charles.

The services being consulted on are:

• Libraries
• Leisure and sport centres
• Street cleansing
• Parks and open spaces
• Garden waste.

“We are particularly interested in hearing your ideas about how the council could work alongside local communities and stakeholders to create effective partnerships, pool resources where possible and take advantage of income generation opportunities to make valued services as efficient and sustainable as possible,” said Cllr Charles.

People are being encouraged to take part in the consultation and engagement which is live from Thursday 6 February by filling in the online surveys or by coming along to one of the engagement sessions to tell the council about your neighbourhood and the ideas you have about your local area.

Details of how to take part and when and where the engagement sessions take place can be found at: www.n-somerset.gov.uk/yourneighbourhood.


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