A greener budget

9:09am - 04 March 2021

In a series of focused press releases we'll be looking at areas where North Somerset Council will be investing in services which will improve outcomes for local people following the setting of the budget at last Tuesday's Full Council (Tuesday 23 February) meeting.  

Cllr Bridget Petty is the executive member with responsibility for climate emergency and environment.

"We are proud of our achievements in the last year which include being the top performing council in the region for recycling and one of the best in the country. In the next year we aim to build our green credentials further by ensuring that we consider green impacts in every decision we make.

"We are investing £5m from our  balances in a green investment fund, which means that money will be used to support environmental projects. We are also committed to ensuring strong green credentials are applied throughout our supply chain.

"Climate change will affect all of us and we were the first council in the South West to be recognised for our Carbon Literacy - this training is empowering our officers to make better decisions in their day-to-day work. That training will continue and we will also continue to push out those really important messages about what our residents can do to cut their carbon emissions." 

Cllr Petty added that the council will also be investing an additional £150,000 to support its climate emergency and green recovery work to scope larger scale projects to be in a better position to secure funding from external grants to continue the work combatting the effects of climate change.

"As a council we are also putting our own house in order by securing funding for infrastructure related issues including decarbonising boilers, making our buildings more energy efficient and piloting rooftop solar panels. 

"At the moment we're consulting with community groups to tell us what they think of our draft strategy on how we improve and protect our natural environment and biodiversity across the area and help create a healthier and more attractive place for residents, with better access to nature and high-quality open spaces.

“Promoting and encouraging walking and cycling to reduce emissions from car travel also continues to be a key priority supporting our climate emergency targets and encouraging healthier and active lifestyles."