Foster Care Fortnight

The amazing work and dedication of foster carers is being celebrated through Foster Care Fortnight.

The two-week celebration takes place from Monday 11 to Sunday 24 May.

Jackie has been fostering for 34 years and recalls what made her start: “I had worked in children’s homes for years. When the children left the homes at 16, many had not experienced real family life and the feeling of belonging in a real family environment. That is what I wanted to do…to make them feel loved and valued.”

Jackie has fostered many children of a variety of ages, each with their own challenges but knows the value she has helped bring to each individual. She added: “I am still in contact with many of them and it’s great to hear how well they are doing now they are adults, there is no better reward than knowing that we helped. It’s a journey for the child and you are there right beside them.”

Cllr Catherine Gibbons, North Somerset Council’s executive member for children said: “Fostering can bring fantastic rewards and of course it can be very challenging. But Jackie gets to the heart of the issue – foster carers can made an extraordinary contribution to the lives of young people and help shape their futures.

“Our fostering service values all our foster carers, providing them with high standards of support and training, and membership of our wonderful Mockingbird Family Model.”

That model is an innovative method of delivering foster care developed by the Fostering Network. The model provides respite care, peer support, regular joint planning and training, and social activities.

The programme improves the stability of fostering placements and strengthens the relationships between carers, children and young people, fostering services and birth families.

North Somerset Council is the only fostering service in the South West to use this model.

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