Dolphin Square businesses give fresh start to local people

Weston-super-Mare’s new leisure complex has started to give local residents fresh employment opportunities as businesses are set to open later this year.

Businesses, including Cineworld, Nandos, Anytime Fitness and Luda Bingo, have been working with North Somerset’s Skills4Work programme identifying job opportunities and matching potential employees through a local programme developed with Job Centre Plus, Westonworks and Team North Somerset.

More than 100 people have registered on the Skills4Work programme since January 2017. The tailored service works closely with applicants, identifying skill gaps and needs, offering training where required and supporting job applications that are in line with individual career ambitions and ability.

Stephen Bashford, Head of Economic Development at North Somerset Council, commented: “We have been working closely with the Dolphin Square businesses to gain an understanding of their skills requirements to ensure the majority of the roles will be allocated to North Somerset residents.”

Mo Williams, General Manager at Cineworld Cinemas, commented: “Dolphin Square will lie in the heart of Weston life, therefore it’s vital that local people play a key part in the successful running of this new development. Skills4Work have enabled us to make contact with interested local people, going out of their way to support and assist us as we launch our cinema in Weston.”

Cllr Elfan Ap Rees said: “Dolphin Square will be providing somewhere in the region of 250 jobs for Weston-super-Mare and it is hoped that the complex will be a catalyst for retail growth in the town. Dolphin Square is part of the bigger town centre regeneration, which is looking at improving key sites in and around the centre. I’m delighted that the businesses are focusing on local people as part of their employment efforts and I look forward to the opening later this year.”

Skills4Work aims to minimise the risk to businesses of not being able to find suitable local employees, by providing local people with the right skills to make them employable.

Dolphin Square is part of the Weston Town Centre Regeneration Programme that will see improvements to key development sites and infrastructure projects and help to remove barriers and positively encourage investment within the town.

The vision for the town centre is focused around the themes of living, learning and lifestyle, with plans to attract more people to live in the in the town centre creating a lively, university town which will further improve the local economy.

For more information or to register for the Dolphin Square programme, contact the Skills4Work team on 01934 426 674 or by email at